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Happy New Year to ALL, and best wishes for a blessed and prosperous 2017 from VCI, it's Staff, and Board Members!

  • VCI is looking forward to continuing and expanding our professional services, programs, and periodic recognitions to veterans and veteran families, in the communities we serve. In addition this year we, as veterans will be working with the newly formed Cambria County Drug Coalition to provide support, leadership, treatment and rehabilitation opportunities to fight the drug abuse scourge in all of our communities. We have already met with the new Director and District Attorney to reinforce the passion and commitment VCI has to confront the drug epidemic. SPECIFICS ARE BEING DEVELOPED, and will be released soon.

  • VCI will continue and/or expand our job search assistance/career planning, job fairs, resume preparation programs.

  • VCI, with appropriate funding, will host Rural Veteran Outreach Programs. Last year's pilot programs proved so successful, we plan on making this a part of our ongoing operations.

  • VCI Plans to hold its 12th annual Veteran Issues Symposium in August. Any subject/topics/issues you would like presented at the symposium, let us know.

  • Our Veterans Assistance Outreach Program (VAOP) continues to help veterans (on a one time basis) dealing with financial emergencies- A helping hand, not a handout. Although we have limited funding presently, we are working with two other VSO's

  • VCI Plays a major role in the very successful Veterans Court Program; that through treatment and rehabilitation, lives are being saved; and while giving veterans the opportunity to deal with their addictions and abuses, we also save the county significant dollars also; VCI provides Veteran Mentors Training programs every two months.

  • In May (Friday before Mother's Day) we will host our 9th annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Details to follow.

  • On Columbus Day evening October 9th, we will host our annual Salute to Veterans Dinner Program.

  • Working in conjunction with the Veterans Breakfast Club we are planning on a 2nd annual story telling program this coming July 4th. Details to follow.

  • VCI is a chamber of commerce member in a number of area counties; we are also members of the Cambria/Somerset Business & Education Consortium, OVR State Board, Van Zandt Veterans Advisory Council, Southern Alleghanies Workforce Development Board, Annual Johnstown Ethnic Fest, Cambria County Job Fair Team, War Memorial Veterans Committee, and actively involved with the Showcase for Commerce. We are active in the communities.

  • We offer many other programs and services- WE ARE HERE TO SERVE VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES! While we continue to be a very active and credible non-profit organization that can and does make a difference not only for the veteran and veteran family, but in the communities we serve.


Check out our website in its totality- We are positive you'll be amazed at what we have done, continue to do, and respond to needs in the future. BUT, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
May God Bless,
Tom Caulfield, Director