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VCI Board

The VCI Board consists of a variety of excellent individuals who have spent a great deal of time in trying to make our community a place to be proud of. We applaud their efforts and continue to look forward in working with them further in this area's bright future!

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Ed Wojnaroski Sr.


Tom Caulfield

Vice President/Treasurer

John Brown

Vice President/Secretary

Thomas Haberkorn

Board Members

​ Jack Babich                              Josh Lang

Tammy Barbin                             Sandi McQuaide  

Ed Cernic Sr.                                       John Polacek  

Tim Creany                                    Jennifer Roseman


Dr. Michael Dunn                          Michael Santoro

Karen Esaias                                      Sandy Schrum

Robert Eyer                                       Jean Solarczyk

         John Forte                                         Sharon Jones                                                                 

Lt. Col. Michael Girvin                     Chris Koop       

Board Emeritus

Jack Cavanaugh

William Cover

Patricia Crew

Judge John Driscoll

John Hugya, Col. (Ret.)

Vikki King

Mary Miller

George Molnar

Barney Pultz

Tim Susengill

Dr. Anna Weitz



727 Goucher St.
Johnstown, Pa. 15905


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