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VCI is dedicated to veterans and local community in the search for employment. We have many tools, resources, and a vast network of employers that we connect with. We also follow a very detailed system that will follow along with you throughout the interview, hiring, and employment steps. Our Services for this process include but are not limited to: Resume writing, Job Search, Employment mailing list, Job fairs, Skills training, and Job Retraining Assistance. If you are in the market for a new career or just want to know your options, please contact us and give us the opportunity to see if we can help you secure a career.

VCI Job Fairs

          VCI Job Fair encompass a unique program opportunity-where job seekers can not only briefly introduce themselves to the employer’s present- but showcase their skills and employment desires. This also gives the employers the introduction to an employment interview without scheduling one-–noticing their skills, interests and abilities, how and if they fit into openings at their company.  VCI job fairs become the cover letter introduction to employers, showcasing their experience/education and where they fit into their company-saving employer’s valuable time assuming they are experienced and qualified for the open job positions.  VCI Job Fair are held every two months in Cambria and twice a year in Blair County.


VCI Job Search

          VCI offers job search assistance to clients on a one-to-one basis by appointment.  VCI staff can assist client in searching jobs according to their education, experience and interests to assist them in securing employment.  VCI staff can also help client with creating an online account for PA state civil service and with other online employment applications. In addition, VCI can assist in providing samples of cover letters to clients to create effective cover letters to suit each position they are applying for. 


VCI Professional Resumes

          VCI staff can assist clients (by appointment only) with creating a professional resume that can and will showcase their work experience and education, to highlight their key skills and apply them to a professionally created document.  Staff will meet with clients to review their background, past work experience and education to create a winning resume that employers can easily read and understand for the potential hiring processes. 

Career Services

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