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VAOP- Veteran Assistance Outreach Program

          VCI VAOP program assists veterans and their families who are eligible with a one-time financial assistance to offset an electric bill, rent, water or heating bill or with other every day needs.  The financial payment is a made directly to the specific business/agency payments for the veteran family and his/her family is specifically to provide assistance to the veteran in his/her time of need.


Veterans Court- Cambria County

          VCI began its relationship in assisting area veterans with misdemeanor offenses as a result of the Cambria County court program. The Veterans Court Program began in 2013 under the leadership of Cambria County Residing Judge Tim Creany, the entire court system and the James E. Van Zandt Veterans Administration. Veterans must be approved for the veteran’s court program by the district attorney’s office and approved by the judge.

Veteran’s court is a treatment court that is assisted by the team in creating a proper treatment and rehabilitation program specifically created to suit the veteran’s specification. The program concept is for the veteran to receive treatment and rehabilitation over punishment and incarceration-often the norm in the court system.  All veteran court clients receive specific requirements they must meet to continue on the program.  Since our inception, veteran’s court has been a very successful program, with over 100 graduates currently graduating from the program.   


VCI Rural Outreach Program

          VCI plans rural outreach events each year, reaching out to as many as six counties in the Southern Alleghenies region.  These event take place in rural communities of each county. The program reaching out to veterans and their families bringing services and program information available to them in their community.  Recent statistics have noted that rural outreach has become a key factor in informing and assisting the veteran community about services and programs available to them.  With PA being the 3rd largest veteran state and counties like Cambria with a 9.6% veteran population, the need is definitely there.  VCI reaches out by providing organizations such as Van Zandt -Veterans Administration, County Veteran Services Representatives, and local veteran service organizations to support and enhance services in our outreach for veterans and their families.   In prior outreach events, about 10-15 community and veteran agencies attended each rural outreach event.     


Veteran Treatment Care and Assistance

Our Veterans are the pride of our communities and when we have a chance to assist or honor them, we at VCI, Do NOT Hesitate! We offer Veteran Specific programs that may help veterans through tough times. These Services may offer emotional, physical, mental, and in some cases financial support. We also partner with various groups, from the nation, state, or even locally to ensure we are doing all we can for the vets who signed up to do all they could for us. These programs include but aren't limited to: Veterans Court, Veterans Assistance Outreach Program (VAOP), Returning Veteran Issues Symposium, and Veteran Benefits referrals.